A Big Thank You!

Thank you all so much for coming to our first GL at our new home at Sobar!

It was so great to see you all again and all the new faces, too! I really enjoyed our new space and thought things went really well!

Feel free to leave comments about how you felt things went either on here or on the Facebook group as we’d love to hear your feedback!

Already looking forward to next month!

Gaming Lambs #59: The One That’s A New Beginning

Hello gamers!

So here’s the month you’ve all been waiting for!

We held polls, had discussions and came to group decisions about everything GL!

We have a new home! We are now going to be at Sobar in Nottingham. You can see it on google maps here. It’s on Friar Lane, opposite Forbidden Planet.

It’s a great venue and we are all truly looking forward to our time there. They do a great selection of drinks and food, all of which I’m sure we’re all excited to try.

The second thing is that we have a new name! It’s a barely noticeable change, however it was necessary for our new home. You see, Sobar has been developed by a drug and alcohol recovery charity, and we all thought that having ‘Gambling’ in our name was inappropriate. So we are now known as… drumroll..

Gaming Lambs!

That’s right! It’s almost identical! Hooray!

Everything else stays the same! Great company, great games and excellent times!

So join us this Thursday evening, from 6pm-10pm at Sobar!

(Find the Facebook event here)

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“We Are Our Choices”

So, you will have heard news of a possible venue change on the cards over the last few months.

We’ve grown bigger and better than ever at Gambling Lambs over the last few months. Too much so, to the point where we no longer fit comfortably in the venue that has so long hosted us (Lee Rosy’s).

There have been meetings, discussions, ponderings and explorations to find a possible new venue for our monthly gatherings, and we appear to have found a location that practically suits all our needs.

It’s a place called Sobar.

It has a wide variety of teas, coffees and sweet things, just like Lee Rosy’s offered, however it also offers a great selection of hot and cold food, available for very reasonable prices. We held a taster event there in May and the whole thing was very well received.

As such, we are holding a vote on the facebook group, where we are deciding, as a group, whether we are to stay at Lee Rosy’s, or move on to Sobar.

The group has had some posts recently with posts both for and against the move, so if you would like some further reading, I’d suggest checking it out!

The poll is open until Friday, and you can find it at the following link:


Please cast your vote, as we want to garner the opinions of the full spectrum of attendees to properly make a decision!

Updates to follow soon!

Gambling Lambs #58: The One With The Changes

So today is Gambling Lambs. It’s at Lee Rosy’s at 6:00pm as usual.

It may well be the last Gambling Lambs at Lee Rosy’s.

You should probably come along, as you know, it’s kind of an important one.

So important in fact, that I’m surprised I didn’t make this post sooner.

But you know, I haven’t been around lately and YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR.

See you at 6!

Gambling Lambs #57: The One Where Outdoor Gaming Starts Today


It’s the 1st of may! Outdoor gaming starts today! (chortle)

Who knows, maybe if the weather is nice enough, we might squeeze in the first ninja of the year! Wouldn’t that be nice.

It’s also the last GL before Ross goes to America for a month, so take the opportunity to wish all the bon voyages and conduct all the trading of addresses for postcards etc.

Now, for an announcement (of sorts) – As per recent mutterings you may have heard from multiple people, we are exploring the possibility of relocating our lovely games nights.

Nothing has been decided yet (not even if we’re going to do it, let alone where etc), so don’t worry for the time being. Once something does get sorted, we will be sure to give you all plenty of notice!

In fact, it’s such a difficult thing to do, considering we need to find somewhere bigger, that has the same amazing support we’ve had from Lee Rosy’s, including accommodating us taking over a floor of their establishment once a month, and storing our butt-load of games in their store-room, totally free of charge, for which we’re eternally grateful.

If you have any ideas/thoughts of somewhere that would be good to check out, please tweet at us (@gamblinglambs) or send us an email (gamblinglambs {at} gmail {dot} com) and we’ll investigate the possibility.

More news on this to follow soon, I’m sure.

In the meanwhile, join us for our regularly scheduled Gambling Lambs on Thursday 1st May from 18:00-22:00 downstairs at Lee Rosy’s.

The Facebook event can be found here and the Google event can be found here!