Following on from the postponing of GL in February, there will continue to be no GL for the month of March.

We’re in a bit of a hiatus at the moment whilst we secure a new future venue and nail down the details for GL to continue.

Keep checking here, on facebook or on Twitter for updates though, as as soon as we know anything, we’ll post it here.

Thanks for your patience, and here’s to whenever we start up again being better than ever!

February’s Gambling Lambs Update

Due to circumstances out of our control, Gambling Lambs at the Malt Cross will not be taking place this month.

We’re aiming to be back in March, better than ever, so please keep your eyes on this page (or Facebook) for updates!

Sorry for the late notice.

PS – If you’re absolutely dying for your monthly board games fix, please check out The Dice Cup, a new board games cafe located just next door the the Victoria Centre!

Gambling Lambs at the Malt Cross

Everybody! Merry new time!

Come and join us for the first Gambling Lambs of 2016!

Show off your christmas present board games whilst catching up with your favourite board game friends!

We’ll be in the Workshop space, downstairs at the Malt Cross (there will be signs as usual), however if you get lost/confused, please ask the bar staff as they will be able to direct you.

We look forward to seeing you all there, normal time (6-10pm).


(Facebook event here.)

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Gambling Lambs at the Malt Cross



I’m basically a horrible human being who shouldn’t be trusted to be responsible for things.

Come along! Tonight! Gambling Lambs! 6-10pm!

We’ll probably be downstairs somewhere. I haven’t actually confirmed this month. UGH.


Facebook Event Here!

Gambling Lambs at the Malt Cross

One and all,

This week (Thursday November 5th) is Gambling Lambs at the Malt Cross! All for glory! Glory for all!

We will be in the Workshop space at the Malt Cross this month. To get there, go into the Malt Cross, then down the stairs next to the bar until you reach a ‘reception area’, it’s the door on the left in there. We’ll make sure it’s all signposted, and the guys on the bar should be able to direct you if you get lost!

This month, we’ve got a new game – ‘Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game’. It’s an official Portal board game! It’s going to be AMAZING. I’m sure.

Also, hopefully, we’ll be running some more Two Rooms & A Boom, considering how popular it was last month!

Hope to see you all there!

(Facebook event HERE!)