Gambling Lambs #56: The One Where Ross Promises He Hasn’t Left

So tonight is Gambling Lambs #56, and for the second month running, I won’t be there! (Ross).

I’m stuck doing a course for work and it’s all about scripting and it’s really dull. I wish I could be there to play games with you all! :(

I assume (read: Hope) that Andrew will take the helm again, he’s very good at that.

I promise that I’ll be there next time. I might even buy sweets by way of an apology!

See you soon, and you guys all have fun tonight!

Gambling Lambs #55: The First One After David Left

Hello one and all!

Welcome to a new era of Gambling Lambs! The post-David Hayward era!

That’s right, David has left us for lands anew. We shall call this new era … I can’t think of anything witty, so it’s going to be called the Davidless era.

We’ve got a few new games winging their way around lately, such as Grave Robbers from Outer Space (which I still think is great after playing it loads). There are others, but I can’t remember them.

I’ve just realised that this update is kind of wishy washy and bad. But at least I remembered to post an update!

So as usual, it’s at Lee Rosy’s from 6-10pm on Thursday 6th March!

We (I…) hope to see you all there! :)

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Gambling Lambs #53: The One Where We’re Sorry About Forgetting It

There’s a Gambling Lambs TONIGHT!

We’re so sorry we forgot to update the site to reflect this.

Please do come along to the first one of 2014 and spend the whole night repeating what you did for Christmas and New Year to everyone over and over again!

Gambling Lambs #52: The One Where We DO Have Space Cadets

Good News, Everyone!

Good news everyone!

Space Cadets has turned up, so we will have that to play today! Hooray!

Gambling Lambs takes place *TODAY* How exciting. Come along and play games from our huge selection, or bring your own and share them with the group, we love finding new things to play!

This is the last one of this year, and I can’t say whether or not we’ll have a special edition of a certain game *cough*. It all depends on whether or not I get time to amend certain rules and create new cards on my lunch today. So probably not. But WE’LL SEE.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to swap christmas presents/cards with people you might not see again until next year!

See you all soon!

Find the event here on Facebook and here on Google+.

Gambling Lambs #51: The One Where We Hope We Have Space Cadets


Hey everyone!

We’re smack in the middle of GameCity 8 at the moment, but nothing stops us preparing for the next Gambling Lambs, which happens in 2 weeks time on November 7th!

During the daily Boardgames Library we’ve been running here at GameCity this week, we discovered (thanks to Quinns of internet fame) an excellent game called Space Cadets: Dice Duel, which is a really fast paced, fun dice based game where 2 teams pilot individual spaceships in a quest to destroy the other team’s ship! It’s a heck of a lot of fun, and is released on October 31st, so it’s *possible* that the copy I’m going to order will be here in time, but unlikely. But even if it’s not, we’ll have fun playing the other games we’ve got on offer! Including an excellent game called Mascarade that Kim & Tom bought recently, which is a game about lying and pretending to be in the renaissance. It’s fun!

So, as usual, it’s in Lee Rosy’s Tea from 6-10 in the PM.

We hope to see you there!

Find the event here on Facebook and here on Google+