Gambling Lambs #31: The One With the Tumbleweeds

Maybe Watching the Rain

(Edit: Unbeknownst to Ross, Ossian and maybe Tom Rosin have agreed to be nominally in charge for the night. Inasmuch as anyone is ever in charge of Gambling Lambs, that is).

Hey guys!

Thursday 2nd February is the next Gambling Lambs!

At this month’s spectacular, your regular hosts (David & Ross) will be absent! So it’s going to be just like one of those lessons in school where you were meant to have a supply teacher, but they never turned up, so you spent the whole class playing cards or generally just being stupid. There were no mobile phones back then, so you couldn’t just sit for an hour and play on your smartphone either. You had to MAKE fun. It was lovely. Do that. Make fun. (just not of each other)

I do hope you all have fun and don’t get up to too much mischief whilst we’re away!

You’ll all see each other in a week, but me and David will see you in March!

As usual, you can find the event on Facebook. Well, when David puts it up there, anyway. Edit: LINK!

(Photo by the wonderful Arielle Nadel on Flickr!)

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